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Healthcare Reinvented

Ageback is a metabrand providing a global platform to connect Age Management Doctors, Health Coaches, and Clients to a complete range of products and services for innovative healthcare. Through our global network and online presence, you can choose, select and be a part of a series of premium preventive healthcare products and services.

With the exponential growth of healthcare and diagnostics technologies, and the collective move toward personalized and preventive medicine, Ageback is poised to be the global leader in the healthcare revolution. Ageback is building an ecosystem that will house every aspect of healthcare and bring it directly to the consumer, conveniently accessible through a smartphone. From digital monitoring, online communities, medical equipment, to medical training and education, we allow every individual access to the most advanced, easy-to-implement system of age management medicine, anywhere in the world, with our trademarked health model.

The existing global healthcare system is reactionary in that rather than focusing on keeping people healthy, the prevailing system cares for patients only after they become sick. The Ageback approach is different and is based on 4P Proactive Medicine – beginning with the person not the disease. The personalized component of the Ageback program starts with completing the patient’s history, exam and diagnostics and loading the information onto our propriety program which allows us to predict and prevent illness. We then mentor and monitor clients and encourage them to participate in their own healthcare programs.

From Test kits to Patient profiling,

Ageback is the ultimatehealthcare provider.

At a glance



Ageback grants most of it's generated revenue to research and development and currently hold 12 patents and trademarks. 



Ageback is in a contract-based relationship with 11 ministries of health around worldwide to provide and grant its services and patents.



Ageback has accredited more than 100 institutions around the globe to use its software, measuring and monitoring solutions, and healthcare network.    


The Ageback Academy certifies practitioners skilled in the Ageback Health Model of medicine and provides the training needed to implement Ageback Programs easily added to existing practices. Ageback’s online directory of certified health practitioners provides mentors that help clients stick to their programs and achieve health goals. Ageback practices are streamlined using the most advanced diagnostics available and, with our proprietary health assessment and monitoring program and m-Health platforms, are all scalable while unified under a single global brand.


Our m-Health devices and Ageback App allows each member to measure and monitor their health markers, and continuously track changes in health status. Our online communities and latest anti-aging medical science support Ageback members and practitioners and allow individuals to become proactive in their own health and lifestyle prescriptions.


We continuously accredit select healthcare professionals with established practices, particularly in high net income cities to join our network of Ageback doctors and clinics. There is little or no cost to implement the Advanced Ageback Programs. The Centers of Excellence each help service 20 or more spokes (Ageback certified health practitioners) and receive revenue from them.

The Leading Global Ecosystem for
Anti-Aging Medicine & Preventive Healthcare

Ageback’s Scientific Advisory Board

Consists of experts that oversee the medical content of the entire Ageback Ecosystem. Ageback Academy certifies health practitioners with the guidelines of advisory board.

Client Apps

Ageback’s Apps offers direct access to online communities and access to the latest anti-aging science and preventive healthcare. Ageback’s m-Health platform uploads all health data to Measure, Mentor and Monitor the health of your clients


Ageback b2b Market

Ageback’s e-Store provides a one-stop shop for the most proven anti-aging and preventive healthcare products and services available at very discounted prices for your clients and clinique

Hub & Spoke Model

Ageback’s Hub and Spoke Model provides a wide network of smaller clinics with support from local Ageback Centers of Excellence (COE)


Ageback is at the forefront of the revolution in healthcare. We don’t believe in any one type of medicine; only in a single unified approach to “whole person” proactive healthcare. Age Management Doctors, naturopaths, functional medicine doctors, conventional doctors can easily apply our unique Health Model into existing health practices.

Ageback Health Model examines Inflammation, Nutrition, Toxins, Exercise, Gut Health, Hormones, Supplements and Lifetime Mindfulness in one easy-to-implement model that prevents and reverse cardio-metabolic diseases.

The Ageback methodology applies 3 simple steps:



When your client joins the program, you start with a comprehensive review of your client’s current level of health, with a series of detailed diagnostic tests. This provides you with your baseline, evidence-based cardio-metabolic report.



Using the report, and after a series of consultations with a medical practitioner, you will follow our Ageback Health Model to receive personalized advice.



On-going, the client benefits from mobile monitoring, using the latest technology. This provides immediate feedback to both client and the doctor or age management coach.

Ageback’s Health Management Programs are Easy to Deliver and Implement and based on One Comprehensive Model

Program Name Ageback Classic Program Ageback Advanced Program
Weight Loss Program++
Sexsual Dysfunction Program++
Detoxification Program-+
Cancer Prevention Program-+
Cognitive Enhancement Program-+
Stem Cell Program-+
Shala Barrera-+


Every health institution is a unique project for Ageback accredition. Please contact our business development program at for details. 

These are mid-sized to large hospitals and clinics with an established client base. There is little cost to implement the Advanced Ageback Health Programs. The COE will each help service 20 or more spokes (Ageback certified health practitioners) and receive revenue from them. Each client will get access to the app, opening the door to the latest in anti-aging and preventive healthcare science 24/7. Clinics can keep their own brand or practice name and be part of the Ageback network.

Spokes receive the tools to provide a uniform Classic Ageback Program using the Ageback Health Model and benefit from exclusive access to our state-of-the-art Ageback Centers (Hubs or COEs) that house advanced diagnostic screening and advanced imaging technologies. The Hubs provide any required advanced diagnostics and imaging and will be available as a go-to resource at all times. Each client will get access to the app, opening the door to the latest in anti-aging and preventive healthcare science 24/7.  

Once certified, clients may choose to transition their practice gradually, offering concierge and preventative medicine to complement their existing practice. Or space for an Ageback Center can be allocated within the facility and a suitable doctor can be trianed to cover the location on a part-time basis. Ideal candidates for potential Ageback Centers have an affluent, middle-aged client base that are interested in all aspects of age management. We offer comprehensive training and support on an ongoing basis.

For over six years Ageback has developed and tested one of the most comprehensive medical models to date aimed at the early detection, prevention, and treatment of chronical diseases. Each client practice will be streamlined, manageable and supported by a global ecosystem that can be shared with a loyal and fulfilled client base. Our proven revenue producing protocols allow practices to operate with just two people and can increase revenue while limiting the client base to just 500 clients at any time. Ageback Centers receive an exclusive territory on the signing of a license agreement and Ageback will support each client with internal and external marketing on an ongoing basis. The importance of a multinational brand in any industry today is incontestable as is the power of the online community and social media – clients can spend less time managing their practices, and more time practicing better medicine, while earning more revenue and offering a better quality of life for their clients.

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